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Pattex takes 1st place in France for Adhesives and Sealants amongst consumers

The renovation and DIY market has increased in importance the last couple of years.

The renovation and DIY market has increased in importance the last couple of years. A lot of manufacturers of building materials have moved towards a DIY strategy. But how well know is your brand amongst consumers in Europe? And what about your competitors? Finding out is crucial for your strategy. 

That’s why each year (Q3 2015 report) we measure the brand awareness (but also how do consumers rate these brands and do they actually use these brands when doing a DIY job) amongst the European consumers in: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and UK.

We do this for 9 product categories in all 11 countries. In the image above you will find a short summary of the results for Adhesives & Sealants in France.

In France Pattex takes the top spot regarding the brand awareness. The rest of the top 5 in France are: Rubson, UHU, Sader and Loctite. However despite this top spot, Pattex is taking the second place in general rating with an average rating off 7.5. Sader is seen as the best brand with a general rating of 7.6, above Pattex and UHU which is taking the third place with an average rating off 7.1.

The full Q3 2015 report of the European Home Improvement Monitor (26,400 interviews with consumers annually) covers all the countries mentioned above. Besides the love brand information, there are also dedicated chapters on various different product categories . Here we cover everything from purchase channel to decision making criteria and penetration/share of DIY vs DIFM. Finally, there’s also a chapter covering the general trends in the European home improvement market like DIFM vs DIY, online channels, penetration, volumes and so on.

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