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Plumbers and HVAC installers reveal the best timing for attending industry trainings

Rotterdam, 23 January 2017

– Installers would like to get training provided by the manufacturers preferably on Friday morning and prefer trainings related to installation and maintenance of products. These are some of the results from the latest report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation companies in 6 European countries.

For manufacturers, provision of support and trainings is an important way to get and stay connected with the HVAC installers and plumbers. It can lead to collaboration and partnerships, which is an excellent way of getting your products into the market. However, first and foremost, it is important to identify the needs regarding support and trainings of installers and the best timing and topics to offer them in order to make trainings relevant and useful for them.Optimal timing and duration of the training sessionsIn general, the most preferred time of the year for trainings is in the beginning of the year (see picture below). In the UK, summer months are also mentioned relatively often. Importantly, installers in all countries prefer to attend training sessions on Friday morning. Regarding training sessions duration, there seem to be some differences between the countries – for example, the Polish installers are most likely to participate in longer trainings, while Dutch and UK installers prefer shorter sessions (see picture below).

The most preferred topics for the training sessions


According to the latest European Mechanical Installation Monitor report, the most popular topics installers would like to get trainings about are related to their daily working activities, like installation and maintenance of products and trouble shooting (see picture below). Moreover, there seems to be a quite high interest in new laws and regulations, especially in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.Manufacturers are the most favoured trainersThe installers were asked by who they would like to be trained – external training/ knowledge centre, wholesaler or manufacturer. It is clear that if training is related to products and their installation, maintenance, commissioning, etc. installers would like to be trained by the manufacturer, due to the common belief that manufacturers are the ones who know their own products the best. External training/knowledge centre, however, would be appreciated for topics like laws and regulations or business trainings, such as sales, marketing and logistics. Furthermore, when a manufacturer is organising the training, a majority is interested in becoming a certified installer of the manufacturer. Consequently, there are chances for manufacturers to create a partnership with the installers, which eventually may lead to getting their products into the market better. Good examples of manufacturers providing the best trainings and support to the installers are the boiler manufacturers Viessmann and the different brands of Bosch. The reasons why their trainings are so good mainly have to do with having the right knowledge and therefore giving clear, up-to-date and comprehensive trainings. Finally, offering relevant trainings at a suitable timing is the key for triggering the attention of the installers and for increasing the involvement and participation in the trainings. Manufacturers who show that they understand the needs of their main target group have a bigger chance for building and maintaining a good relationship with the installers. \

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