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Preference for A-brands in most of the European countries, except for Germany

A paint job is in most cases being conducted by the consumer, which demonstrates that the consumers are an important target group for paint manufacturers. The majority (61%) of the European DIY consumers clearly indicates that A-brands are being preferred above private labels. Only 32% of the European consumers has a preference for private labels. There are differences per country, for example in Poland the A-brands for paint are much more preferred. This is one of the results of the European Home Improvement Monitor Q3 2018 report, zooming in on branding in the home improvement market. The results are based on 1,866 online interviews with consumers in eleven European countries that have conducted a paint job.

Clear preference for A-brands in Europe

The European DIY consumers clearly indicate that there is a preference for A-brands, when conducting a paint job. This preference for A-labels is the highest in Poland (89%), followed by Spain (65%), the Netherlands (63%), Sweden (63%) and Belgium (62%). This share is lower in other European countries.

Nevertheless, 32% of the European consumers prefer using a private label of the DIY retailer. This preference for private labels is the highest in Germany (48%), Austria (44%), Denmark (40%) and France (38%). The lowest preference for private labels can be found in Poland (9%).

Highest preference for A-brands can be found in Poland

A-brands are being preferred the most in Poland (89%). Dekoral (PPG) and Dulux(AkzoNobel) are some of the best known brands in Poland. In the Q3 2018 report, USP Marketing Consultancy has measured brand aspects like ‘Best quality’, ‘Value for money’, ‘Trust’ and the ‘Easiness to apply the product’. Dulux and Dekoral score very well on those parameters. About 45% of the consumers give Dulux a 9 or a 10 for ‘Best quality’ and about 47% of the consumers give Dekoral a 9 or a 10 for ‘Trust’.

Lowest preference for A-brands in Germany and Austria

Only 45% of the DIY consumers prefers A-brands and 48% prefers private labels in Germany. A strong presence of DIY retailers like Hornbach and OBI is one of the reasons why this result for Germany is so different than in other countries. Also the awareness of Sigma, Sikkens and Histor is quite low in Germany, whilst the awareness of brands from AkzoNobel and PPG is much higher in other countries. Only in Austria, there is more or less the same image as in Germany.


Knowing that European DIY consumers prefer A-brands above private labels emphasises the importance of the presence of A-labels in the European DIY stores next to the private labels. The own brands and private labels are currently available in every DIY store in the paint category. However, there are clear differences per country in consumer preferences. This should result in offering a different assortments per country, for instance more private label options for consumers in Austria and Germany and a higher focus on A-brand on the shelves of Polish DIY stores. Also by creating an online assortment these insights should be taken into consideration.