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Purchase channels of HVAC installers in France

More and more there are discussions ongoing about the purchase channels of HVAC installers.

More and more there are discussions ongoing about the purchase channels of HVAC installers. Questions like “Is the role of the traditional wholesale changing?” “Are installers buying more at pure online shops?” “How are the installers ordering their products?” “And do the manufacturers have to support the different purchase channels with additional information facilitating the online ordering” are often discuss within the installation sector.

In the  Q3 2015 report of the European Installation Monitor ( survey amongst 4,800 European HVAC installers and plumbers annually) we researched these topics. In the picture above,  I have made a short overview of some of the data we have for France.

French installers indicate that the traditional installation wholesale still has a leading role for their purchases. Via this channel but also when buying directly from the manufacturers, the installers prefer using the traditional way of ordering –by phone, fax, email, etc. Placing orders online (via the website) when buying at the wholesale or from manufacturers is done by less than one fifth of the French installers. It has to be noted that many of the wholesalers in France do not have a platform for online ordering or webshop, which is explaining the traditional behaviour of the installers as well.    

If we look at other countries in the scope of this research, we see major differences in both the purchase channel and the way the installers put in their orders. In the UK only 65% of the purchases are done via the installation wholesale and it is the most advanced country when it comes to buying at pure online players. So if a manufacturer of HVAC materials would like to roll out an online approach towards HVAC installers, starting in the UK would be their best bet. In France it would be better to focus more on the installation wholesale channel.  

Countries covered by this report are: France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

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