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Rising demand of Smart

Smart gardening is on the rise, although the share of end-users making use of the smart technology is still limited. S

mart gardening refers to the incorporation of smart devices to perform gardening activities. Technological advances enable end-users to make gardening simpler and ensure on-time maintenance. Through smart gardening, end-users can receive alerts to add nutrients and water to the plants on time or mow the garden sitting on the couch. These benefits offered by smart gardening may encourage more end-users to adopt smart gardening practices. The growing inclination of end-users toward smart gardening has encouraged manufacturers to develop innovative tools that can be integrated with smart gardening.

A growing segment within smart gardening is ‘Smart Garden Irrigation’, mostly due the importance of saving water. Smart garden irrigation are irrigation systems that are connected, app-enabled, and water-efficient. There are multiple vendors offering products that allow for smart irrigation, such as Gardena (Smart sensors), Orbit (B-Hyve) and Rachio.

In the European Garden Trend Monitor, a quantitative end-user research, we will monitor the interest for smart garden products. Next to this, we are studying the characteristics of the garden, the brand positions of vendors and the status of other trends. Interested? Please contact me!