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Sustainability in the electrical installation sector is set for further growth

Energy efficiency, carbon footprint, using recycled materials and general regulations; various types of sustainability topics which electrical installers may have to deal with in their work. However, in 2020, most of the electrical installation projects are not yet subjected to sustainability. This is one of the findings of the European Electrical Installation Monitor 2020, conducted by USP Marketing Consultancy among installers in 7 major European markets.

European Electrical Installation Monitor Q2 2020 – USP Marketing Consultancy

The sustainability impact varies much between countries

Based on the results of the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q2 2020, the impact of sustainability is largest in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Spain. There, almost half of the electrical installation projects are dealing with some kind of sustainability influence. Germany and Poland are less sustainability-minded; when making proposals, it is highly uncommon for electrical installers to think about and integrate sustainability in any way. 

Nevertheless, sustainability’s impact on electrical installation will grow

More and more installers are acquainted with the topic and had some kind of experience in dealing with it. It is hard to find electrical installers who would argue that sustainability is not on the rise; a vast majority saw it growing over the past two years. Moreover, installers expect it to grow further in the coming two years. Germany, currently lagging, is expected to catch up as 74% of the German installers expect a growing impact of sustainability. The same goes for Poland (52%), as well as the other five countries covered.

Sustainability will be pushed by other stakeholders, not the installer

Building owners (most mentioned), architects and governments are the driving forces behind the push towards sustainability. Installers themselves only take minor actions, like recycling and using recycled materials. They will also occasionally advise their end clients about it, but more often than not the electrical installer is oblivious about it. The installer should thus not be expected to become a big push for sustainability any time soon. Any manufacturer looking to further push ‘sustainability’ in the electrical installation industry should, for the time being, focus on the stakeholders higher up in the chain.

For more detailed information, we refer you to the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q2 2020