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The role of main contractors is becoming more important

The construction DMU is rather complex compared to other sectors due to a project team of different stakeholders involved in different phases and steps of a project cycle. With the changing dynamics of the construction sector, such as an increasing amount of contractor-led design & build projects, the role of contractors is becoming even more important. This is quite apparent in the H2 2020 results of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Contractor Monitor, which focuses on the role of contractors in the construction decision-making unit in eight European countries.

Contractors most influential in brand and material/ product choice.

When thinking about design process as well as building materials and products specification, the traditional tendency is to focus on architects and/ or engineers.  However, slowly but steadily growing construction trends are empowering the European contractors and increasing their influence in the full project cycle. Contractors see themselves as most influential in product and brand choice.  More than 50% of the contractors have a say in the design process, and more than 80% have the power to influence product or brand specifications. 

The role of main contractors is becoming more important
European Contractor Monitor H2 2020 - USP Marketing Consultancy

Developers are more influential in the final decision than non-developers

The increasing number of developer contractors, the type of contractors who are appointed to develop and carry out the full project cycle, enables a more integrated value chain which empowers the contractor even more in the decision-making process. Confirming this, contractors who are also developers indicated they are more influential in the final decision making than non-developers.

French contractors have the highest decision power

In France, having the highest share (38%) of developer contractors together with the UK, contractors also have the highest decision power. French contractors are the most influential in the final decision making in the design process and product and brand specification compared to the other European countries. With a vast majority of 75% contractors indicating themselves as the end-decision maker, they are especially powerful in the final decision of brand choices.

The role of contractors will continue to increase

European contractors believe that the changing dynamics of the construction sector will increase their role in the decision-making unit even more. Aside from an increasing amount of contactor-led design & build projects, other trends like the increasing importance of and demand for sustainability in construction are also affecting and increasing the power of contractors in the decisions for products and brands. All the more reason for manufacturers to engage with contractors and align their way of working and portfolio with the construction trends that move the world of the contactor.

For more information on trends affecting the DMU in the construction sector, we refer you to the H2 2020 report of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Contractor Monitor.