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The younger generation is more likely to invest in energy efficient homes

The European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020 focuses on orientation on home improvement products, smart products and energy efficient homes. To what degree do consumers feel they have an energy efficient home and how are they planning to improve it? According to our research that was held among consumers in 11 European countries, the younger generation is most likely to invest and see multiple opportunities to do so.

European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020 – USP Marketing Consultancy

Half of the European qualify their home as ‘energy efficient’

The more there is to gain, the more interest consumers will have to make their homes more energy efficient. Currently almost half of the consumers qualify their homes as being energy efficient. While 20% feels their home is not energy efficient at all. The willingness to invest in making the house more energy efficient strongly differs by age group. The generation 55+ is less willing to invest than the younger generations.

Multiple ways to improve efficiency are being considered

Creating an energy efficient home is not a matter of ‘one solution fits all’. There actually are multiple measures one could take to improve energy efficiency. Our research shows that various measures are being considered by consumers and it differs significantly per country what is the most popular. Italian consumers are mainly looking at improving the insulation of their houses. While Polish consumers are planning to invest in energy efficient kitchen appliances and water efficient shower heads and toilets. In Germany consumers are very interested in replacing their lighting while in Spain consumers are considering all types of measures to make their home more energy efficient.

For more detailed information and results per country we refer you to the European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020.