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Trade shows; Which and why are HVAC installers visiting them?

Many installers in Europe regularly visit trade shows, whether they are large (inter)national or small and local. The most important goals of a trade show visit are to get a look at the new products and innovations and to keep informed about the market developments and trends. These are some of the results from the latest report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation companies in 6 European countries.

Enthusiasm for trade shows

Now that ISHInstalacjeBatibouw and BAU are over and Interclima + elec home & building are still yet to come, it is interesting to take a look at the enthusiasm of European installers for trade shows overall. It appears that the Germans are the most loyal trade show visitors, considering 91% of the German installers visits trade shows for work and 18% finds trade shows the most useful source of information (compared to e.g. social media, magazines and websites of manufacturers). Installers from the UK visit trade shows the least, while Dutch and Belgian installers visit the most trade shows with an average of 1.9 trade shows per year. There is no big difference between small and large companies regarding the number of visited trade shows.

Why do installers go to trade shows?

It is obvious that trade shows are a solid aspect in the work environment of installers, but the question remains why all these installers visit trade shows. It turns out that they usually do this in order to get a look at the new products/ innovations (innovations that still have to be introduced or products that are already on the market) and to keep informed about the new market developments and trends. Networking is a reason for 30% of the UK installers to go to trade shows, whereas this is a reason for less than 20% of the installers in the other countries.

Which trade shows are the most popular?

In Europe, there are many different trade shows for installers. There are large (inter)national ones, such as ISH, Batibouw and VSK, but also many smaller local ones. The full report provides more intell on the three trade shows that are visited most often by the installers from the different countries. These trade shows can apparently meet the requirements of installers to show new products/ innovations and market developments and trends.

Only couple of trade shows with significant role for the sector

In all countries a vast majority of the installers expects that the number of trade show visits will stay the same in the coming two years. This means that only couple of trade shows can expect a good number of visitors in the coming years like ISH and Batibouw. Given the expected number of visitors, the trade shows in the UK, France and Poland will obviously need to do more in order to attract the installers.

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