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Traditional media still very important for reaching the European HVAC installers

Despite the rapid digitalization of the world around us, the European installers still use traditional media. This statement is especially true for the German installers. Furthermore, installers search for very different information in traditional media in comparison to online media. The traditional media provides up-to-date market information and novelties, while online sources are consulted more often in the search for product information.

As can be seen in the image above, traditional media such as magazines, brochures and printed documentation files are also still very important to European installers. The most useful traditional media to installers are professional magazines/ newspapers and manufacturer magazines. However, most installers also use printed documentation files.

When installers look for technical or commercial product information, the printed catalogue is the second preferred way overall to be informed, only after the manufacturers website. In the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany, the printed catalogue is even the preferred way to be informed about technical product information (Germany), commercial product information (United Kingdom) or both (Poland).  

The installers who use professional magazines/ newspapers, manufacturer magazines and newsletters as information sources mostly look there for information about:

  • Up-to date market information
  • Innovations/ novelties/ new products
  • Product range information

Online sources of information are mostly consulted in order to get information about:

  • Technical product information/ specifications
  • Advice about products
  • Prices

It turns out that the three types of traditional media are used to find the same types of information, whereas the new (online) media have a separate function and are used to find different types of information. Installers trust the traditional media to provide them with up-to-date market information and novelties, while online sources are mostly consulted in the search for product information.  It is important for producers of these media and for advertisers (manufacturers) to be aware of this difference and adhere to it.  

These are some of the results from the latest report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation companies in 6 European countries. 

Please feel free to contact me directly in case of questions or need for more information about the European installation monitor