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UK HVAC installers most open to online trainings

Trainings by manufacturers, wholesale or knowledge/training centers have always been an important part of the HVAC industry.

Trainings by manufacturers, wholesale or knowledge/training centers have always been an important part of the HVAC industry. Due to the increasing complexity of new products, the constant flow of new rules & regulations and an expected shortage of qualitative labour, the need for trainings will remain high.

In the Q3 2016 report of the European Installation Monitor (quarterly research amongst 1,200 HVAC installers in 6 countries), we investigated the need for trainings and support. In this post, I would like to share some of the results with you.

As it can be seen in the image above, the type of trainings preferred shows country specific differences. That being said, the number 1 training preferred in all 6 countries is the same; face to face trainings at the manufacturers premises. Besides differences per country there are also differences per company size. Smaller installation companies prefer training at the manufacturers or wholesale premises, whilst larger companies prefer trainings by manufactures at their own premises.

Online trainings are still hardly mentioned, the UK being the only exception. Around 26% of the UK installers prefer online trainings. This is almost twice as much as the number 2; installers in the Netherlands. All other countries are in single digit.

Regarding onsite training via mobile devices, UK installers again have the highest preferences (28%). The runner up are German installers with 13% preference. All other countries lag behind.

A questions that immediately comes to mind is why are the UK installers so far ahead when it comes to preference to online types of training. We know that UK installers are more digitalized than their colleagues in the other European countries. In the UK we find the highest percentage of installers buying at pure online players. Furthermore, when it comes to BIM penetration the UK installers rank second (after the Netherlands).

All of these reasons however, still don’t explain the leading position. In the Q3 report we also asked the installers how many days per year they attend trainings. The UK installers attend the most training days of all European countries covered. The UK installers also use the highest amount of calculation tools (again closely followed by the Netherlands). The topic the UK installers mention as best to increase their level of knowledge are trainings about new laws and regulations. The UK is the only country where these topics take the first place. These types of trainings are more suited for an online environment than, for example trainings about installation of products.

These are some results of the Q3 2016 report of the European Installation Monitor. The topic of this report is Future support and training needs.  Besides this topic the full report also covers the economic developments at the installation companies and provides more information on their day-to-day activities.

In case of any questions or interest in this report, please feel free to contact me directly at