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Visiting the web sites of manufactures one of the most important information sources for the European installers

Rotterdam, February 28, 2019 – Internet is not only the most used place to search for information, but also the most useful one. The general search on the Internet often leads to visiting manufacturers’ or wholesalers’ websites. These are some of the results of the Q4 2018 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor with the theme ‘Media orientation and consumption’. This report is based on 900 successful interviews with HVAC installers and plumbers in six European countries.

Searching on the Internet is the most useful information source both on-site and off-site

Internet was and remains the most important source of information for the European installers as a whole. On a country level however, the situation differs. Internet has the most users among the installers in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium (90% to 92%).  In Germany and Poland digital product documentation files are used more often than Internet, however, and in France the advice from the wholesaler is the most important information source.

Despite these differences, Internet is often being seen as the most useful information source, and the one installers most often use at the job site. Searching on the Internet often leads to visiting of manufacturers’ websites.

Personal contact with manufacturers and wholesalers very important for French installers

In all countries changes in media usage can be seen over the years. Reading traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and printed documents is declining, while other sources like internet and websites visits are increasing. The same can be said about some areas of personal media, like visits from manufacturer representatives and advice from the wholesalers. They have either remained the same over the years, or have become more important. For the French installers for example, the visits of manufacturer representatives and advice from the wholesalers are of the highest importance, while the lowest usage of those personal contacts can be seen in the UK.

In France a visit from the manufacturer representative is highly appreciated in case of new products and innovations, or problems and specific issues. Introducing new products is generally perceived to be the best reason for a manufacturer to visit the installers.

In a couple of countries, however, such visits are not much appreciated by some installers. Between one fourth and one third of the installers in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands would like to be visited by manufacturer representatives only if the installers have invited them. 

This once again shows that, despite the general trends relevant for the installers in all countries as a whole, the country differences still remain and will need to be taken into account by marketing and communication managers. 

About the European Mechanical Installation Monitor

The European Mechanical Installation Monitor is a quarterly study from USP Marketing Consultancy, which is based on 150 successful interviews with HVAC installers per country. Six European countries are included in the study. Every quarter, a report is published covering a specific topic like BIM, purchase channels, media orientation, love brands and many more. The report also provides key insights about economic developments within the HVAC market, based on the turnover and orderbook of HVAC installers.

About USP Marketing Consultancy

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