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Wood & Architectural glass gaining the most ground in Façade applications.

Architects are not only very important indicator with regards to future building volumes, but also on how these buildings are being build. What kind of construction methods will be used more? What kind of materials are gaining ground? Is the harmonization of legislation finally kicking in?

These topics are covered in the new Q2 2015 report of the European Architectural Barometer (quarterly survey amongst 6,400 Architects annually). The theme of this report is Architectural design and technology trends. So besides the future building volumes, we will be taking a look at which materials will be used more or less in the upcoming 5 years. A simplified (only top and bottom materials mentioned) factsheet for façade materials can be found below. The full report covers all materials used in a building (i.e Insulation, HVAC, Flooring, Paint, roof materials, bathroom products and so on)

As can be seen above, the usage of wood will increase the most in Belgium, Germany and France. This trend can be seen in the previous reports as well. In these countries bricks and ceramic façade tiles (tiles are the number 1 in negative usage in 4 out of the 8 countries) are losing ground. Also, the preferred building techniques in these countries are wood structure construction. Furthermore, architects in these countries are more keen on biobased building materials, of which wood is a very traditional example, further supporting the results.

In the UK, the Netherlands and Poland we see a high increase in Architectural glass. Italy is the only country where concrete/plasterwork is on first place. In the UK architects expect the biggest decrease in Mineral wool façade boards, whilst in France, Spain and Poland an increase is expected.

HPL materials usage will be higher in countries like Germany, France and Spain. The full report covers much more materials (Aluminium composites, Metals, concrete and so on) and product groups (i.e Insulation, HVAC, Flooring, Paint, roof materials, bathroom products and many more)

For more information on this report, please feel free to contact me directly at Hoogenboom(@)