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Dry- & wet finishing

The influence of the consumer is becoming more and more important for the finishing sector. It is essential for the sector to know what consumers want and how they think – but also how to reach them. With the right market information, it is much easier for you as a manufacturer or supplier to seamlessly attune your activities to consumer demand.

The Finishing Sector operates at the interface of B2B and B2C. After all, the finishing phase is where the actual value is added for the end user. This happens by creating comfort and by adding a personal touch. 

At the same time, many professional parties in the finishing sector struggle with the question how they can be a proper discussion partner for the consumer. This sector also demands a ‘think local, act global’ approach as cultural differences are substantial.

USP Marketing Consultancy provides essential market information to manufacturers, retailers and knowledge institutions. With our professional insights, we provide answers to current issues which allow our clients to operate successfully in this market.

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