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Housing associations

When it comes to housing in the broadest sense of the word, the customer is playing an increasingly prominent role. For our clients, reaching the customer in the right way is the basis for success. So it is for good reason that we are providing essential market information to the main players in the field of housing in a number of European countries.   

In the world of housing associations, the client has taken up a more central position. This transition from property-orientation to client-orientation is still in full swing. We not only assist building societies and municipalities but also healthcare institutions to realise their ambitions in the field of housing, wellbeing and care. These parties are after all facing a joint task and we are able to provide a connection. The client is mostly concerned that he or she can live happily in his or her own living environment. Who arranges or organises this, is not that important to them.

USP provides essential market information to corporations, municipalities and healthcare institutions. With our professional insights we provide answers to current issues which allow our clients to operate successfully in this market.

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