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Real Estate

We are active in the home, office and retail components. Each segment has its own dynamic and its own challenges, such as growth and shrinkage regions, vacant properties, and transformation. Sustainability is also playing a major role in the property sector. Examples include the labelling debate and the Paris Climate Agreement. Particularly the latter is going to be significant for the...

To be able to operate successfully in the Real Estate market, consumer experience, client processes, and positioning are becoming ever more important. We support Real Estate developers in their research requirements in the three sub-segments; Housing, Retail and Offices. Current themes within these segments are related to growth and contraction scenarios, vacant shops, change of use of office premises, and optimising cooperation between investor and property manager.

USP provides essential market information to developers, investors and property managers. With our professional insights, we provide answers to current issues which allow our clients to operate successfully in this market.

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