Needs assessment / Feasibility study

Does your product or concept meet the demand?

If you have a new product or concept, you will obviously want to know whether it meets the needs of your target group. When developing new home concepts, for example, it is not only important to consider how likely potential target groups are to move house and to take the location into account, but also to think about the finer details of the concept itself. Our research uses various methods to identify and sound out potential interest. Doing so, we not only take account of what home owners or occupants want, but also factor in price trends, competing projects, and aspects of the neighbourhood’s image. 

Based on our findings, we can provide a realistic estimate of a concept’s feasibility. The research we conduct not only serves as a final test later in the development process, but can also explore potential. It is not about giving a simple yes or no answer. Primarily it is about understanding the target group’s current behaviour and preferences, which can cast light on the likely response to the new concepts. Why do they feel the way they do? It is this approach in particular that provides you with specific pointers for fine-tuning concepts or products already developed.

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