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Brand performance is a relative and dynamic concept, which requires regular tracking. The brand health index is a main way to do this. 

USP’s strength is to provide tailor-made indexing whereby our market knowledge enables us to best suggest relevant brand metrics and how to interpret these.

We believe that an index should encompass all relevant brand metrics and these are clustered in three pillars; ‘brand position', brand positioning’ and ‘brand performance’. This framework has been commonly applied in various industries and will be finetuned to meet your specific goals.

Brand performance is measured by the following three aspects:

  1. Spontaneous brand awareness: "Which brands do you know?"
  2. Brand Consideration: "Which brands would you consider using"?
  3. Brand usage: "What brands do you use"?

Brand positioning is measured by the following three aspects:

  1. Trust: "This is a brand that I trust" (scale 1 - 10)
  2. Distinctiveness: "This brand is distinctive from other brands" (scale 1 - 10)
  3. Brand associations (emotional or functional): "Do you think the following aspects fit the brand?"

Brand experience is measured by the following three aspects:

  1. Net Promoter Score: "How likely is it that you would recommend the following brand to others"
  2. Satisfaction: "How satisfied are you with this brand?
  3. Retention: "How likely is it that you will buy this brand again?"
Brand Health Index Model