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Shaping a brand strategy

In installation, construction & DIY

Your brand is your most valuable asset

The more distinct your brand is, the more valuable it will become. Being distinct is, however, not that easy when playing in the field of construction, installation and home improvement markets. This is because these industries are subject to different, more complex powers than typical B2C markets.

Professional applicators can be brand loyal beyond any reason

It is commonly concluded that, in our industries, professionals settle for nothing less than top-notch quality. Word-of-mouth recommendations are crucial for scoring new business and the best way to ensure this is by using perfect brands.

On the other hand, building projects are often subject to specifications

These specifications making it difficult for B2B marketers to know who exactly they should target to improve their brand performance; architects, project developers, building contractors, and applicators all have different preferences, but in the end, only one can be the final decision-maker.

Positioning and tracking a ‘construction brand’ can be difficult because of these complexities. Through numerous annual branding studies in our core focus industries, USP Marketing Consultancy knows how to obtain B2B & B2C brand insights which will help shape your future brand strategy