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the brand funnel model 

USP Marketing Consultancy’s approach to brand research is closely linked to Byron Sharp’s ‘How Brands Grow’ theory;

“The good news is that your customers are just like your competitor’s customers, and their customers are like yours. This means their buyers are up for grabs. So, target the whole market.” (B. Sharp, How Brands Grow, Vol.1).

To give actionable recommendations on brand growth strategies, we often use the ‘brand funnel’ model. This model provides a comprehensible snapshot of your brand’s performance throughout various critical relationship phases. The funnel typically covers between 3 and 6 phases, depending on how many questions is dedicated to this topic.

Possible questions to ask

What results can look like


The percentages below the graph indicate the conversion; for example which share of the respondents that know a brand also uses that brand? A low percentage indicates a major drop out, and that action is required.