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Finding the pain points of electrical product buyers

The Complication

Our client, a multinational manufacturer of electrical products, has a leading position in the professional (B2B) market, but not in the consumer (B2C) market. To improve their position in the consumer market, they commissioned us to carry out a detailed customer experience assessment, in which we needed to identify unmet customer needs, and opportunities to improve customer experiences. Additionally, they needed us to generate ideas for addressing these unmet needs.

The ultimate goal was to use the research to identify what the optimal consumer journey would be and help the client find out where to focus attention and resources to get there.

The Solution

We ran this as a qualitative project on the basis that we wanted to explore the customer journey in detail. We selected our respondents via online interviews, as this would allow for faster recruitment while keeping costs limited. During the screening process we made sure to target only those who can share with us high-quality insights regarding their customer journey.

We then carried out telephone in-depth interviews of 45 minutes with consumers who purchased electrical products during the past 12 months. The interviews were used to build the consumer journey and get feedback on all stages, and to identify improvement areas for the client.

The Insight

One of the most striking findings was that almost all consumers orientate online, while three out of four consumers bought the products in the physical shops. Recommendations were made on how to sell the products online as well, as most of the consumers visit the website anyway.

A final workshop session was organised to share the findings and list a series of actions for each customer touchpoint explored. The actions were centred on how our client could utilise this information and gain market share on the consumer market.