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What is the size of the garden paving market and what are our opportunities?

The Complication

A manufacturer of garden paving approached us to understand the opportunities in the garden paving market in several countries. The client wanted to understand what offer would be appealing to each market and what the potential sales could be when offering their current portfolio or with an additional type of tile.

If adding the new tile would not increase our client’s sales significantly, they would stop the development and production as it would only cost money.

The Solution

We conducted 500 online interviews per country with consumers that bought garden paving in the past 12 months to investigate the size of the market. We asked them questions about the quantity, quality, location, and frequency of their purchases, as well as additional questions about their customer journey.

We worked with the Total Available Market (TAM) and Served Available Market (SAM) model, which visualised the market opportunity for our client.

The Insight

The final report uncovered that the market is growing each year due to more houses being built and more people paving their garden. The benefits of a specific tile of our client lead to a high level of interest among the target group, which resulted in a high SAM. We concluded that there is a big opportunity for our client in the European countries that were in the scope of this study.

As a result of our research, the client decided to increase production of their paving and hire additional sales managers to seize all the opportunities the research exposed.