USP Marketing Consultancy’s approach to customer journey mapping is closely linked to the ‘The Customer Journey Sketchboard’ developed by service designer Mel Edwards. This map is an essential tool, as it effectively helps to visualise the full experience of being a customer.

Our maps are used to uncover gaps in the user experience, to highlight the biggest threats and opportunities, and to define actions for optimising customers’ experience with your brand.

Typical components of our journey maps include:

Personas: Personalising your customer

Scenario: Learning about a specific persona’s purchasing behaviour

Expectations: A seamless process and great experience throughout the entire journey.

Journey phases: Which will be aligned with your business goal

Touchpoints and actions: All relevant interactions (this is where brand inconsistencies are usually identified)

Thoughts and emotions: Accompanied by relevant quotes

Pain points: Frustrations/ difficulties experienced throughout touchpoints

Insights: To transform journey maps from a visualisation of a story into an action plan, we highlight your threats and opportunities, and advise on what actions need to be taken