3 Questions about customer satisfaction research

1. Who is the target customer? What is the best way to approach them?

The supply chain and DMU in the construction sector is quite complex and dynamic, which makes identifying the right target customer group not an easy task. For instance as a roof window supplier, who is your target customer? Is it the contractor, the architect or the end consumer?

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with all customer segments in the construction, installation and home improvement market, we know exactly the relevant target groups and how to approach the right people in the decision-making unit.

2. What is important to these customers? What should you measure?

Different customer segments go through different phases and will have different experiences of your products and services. There are several touchpoints or contact moments in these phases, like contact with account managers, technical advice, logistics and marketing and communication. It is also important to consider recent trends and developments in the sector and their relevance to your customer experience. All in all, it can be challenging to create an exhaustive list of aspects that you want to know your target customers’ opinion on.

We have the profound knowledge of the points that are not just relevant but also important to your business and more importantly to your customers.

3. How do you know whether your score is good or bad?

The interpretation of satisfaction and loyalty scores will not only depend on what sector you are in, but also on your customer segmentation and on the competition. For instance, a customer satisfaction of 7.3 may indicate your company is doing excellent in a specific market where the average score of other players is 6.5.

We have worldwide benchmark insights across customer segments and key players in the construction, installation and home improvement markets.