How do we set up the research process?

Step 2. Kick-off: a personal meeting in order to fine-tune details is crucial for a robust research set-up and process.

In this meeting, the research scope is determined, the planning of the research phase is finalised, and the responsibilities of each party are defined. Furthermore, personal introduction of the project teams creates a rapport which will reinforce a smooth communication throughout the research.

Step 3. Research Set-up: this phase ensures a reliable data collection process by asking the right questions to the right people.

When designing a customer research survey, the understanding of a full customer experience of the relevant target groups is crucial in order to address the specific phases and aspects. What are the customer experience phases of your target customers? Which aspects are relevant to them?

This requires profound knowledge of the points that are not just relevant but also important to your business and more importantly to your customers. The level of each aspect to be measured should be chosen carefully to avoid any misinterpretation of the results. For instance, satisfaction with after sales service is a very obvious aspect that may influence the overall satisfaction of your customer. However, knowing whether your customer is not satisfied with your after sales will not help you to take effective steps to improve it, as you do not know what aspects of after sales service they are not satisfied with: Is it the availability of your after sales personnel, is it their knowledge, or is it their friendliness? By going into to a certain depth of level per aspect, you will be able to pinpoint where the problem lies and work on that specific service aspect.

We pinpoint these phases and aspects by consulting our years of experience in, and knowledge of the construction industry. Furthermore, we ask your target customers to not only rate their satisfaction with your brand but also with other brands within your industry on these specific phases and aspects of their experience. This way we are able to identify best-in-class customer experience and position you relative to your competitors.