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Why customer satisfaction?

The construction, installation and home improvement sector has reached its maturity in volume, which means that the growth of a brand is not so much dependent on the growth of the market but more on increasing its clientele. However, keeping up with competition and growing your share is becoming more and more challenging in the dynamic environment of this sector. Recent developments and trends are making improved customer experience (CX) very critical for building material suppliers and distributors in the construction, installation and home improvement market.

With customer satisfaction research you are able to continuously improve your organization, keep track on your competition and get an action plan to accomplish improvements.

  • How do experiences of your customers influence your position in the market?
  • What makes your customer stay more loyal to you?
  • How do you make your potential customers come to you?
  • What changes can you make to improve overall customer experience?

The answers to these questions regarding customer experience and satisfaction will have a significant impact on your business strategy and market share. How? This we will explain in the next chapters.