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Why USP for customer satisfaction research?

USP globally conducts continuous customer satisfaction research for the construction, installation and DIY market. Across our studies, we have shown that enhanced customer experience and customer satisfaction is a key factor that helps a brand stand out and grow its market share in the current competitive field of construction.

1. Short NPS tracker:
tracking satisfaction on a regular base (every month/ quarter/ year) among (own) customer segments across countries or product segments to find out to what extent your customer base would recommend your company/ products to others.

2. Direct customer feedback:
measuring satisfaction immediately after a service is introduced or executed, e.g. a training, technical advice, repair, breakdown.

3. Extensive CX and satisfaction research:
tracking satisfaction, loyalty and share of wallet to improve customer experience, this is also done on a regular basis but is more focused on improving the entire company and product/ service portfolio, including e.g. sales, marketing, logistics.

4. Mirror research:
measuring the expectations on customer satisfaction among your own employees. By including this kind of research you can uncover gaps between how your own people and customers see how your company is doing. If done properly, it also creates commitment of your own people by giving them helpful insights to close the gaps and improve customer satisfaction.