Do your customers recommend you?

If a customer recommends your company, product, service or concept to another person, we refer to this as a warm recommendation. This means that it is very likely that this person will also become your customer. We record this by means of the Net Promoter Score, which is a statistical representation of your company’s customer loyalty.

This NPS methodology distinguishes between three different groups of respondents. Firstly, the so-called promoters, who give your product a mark of 9 or 10. This group represents the real ambassadors of your company. The second group is made up of the ‘passive satisfied’. This group gives a report mark of 7 or 8, but without shouting it from the rooftops. The third and final group is made up of the critics, with a report mark between 0 and 6. To determine the Net Promoter Score, we subtract the percentage of critics from the percentage of promoters.  

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