Do customers recommend you?

If a customer recommends your company, product, service or concept to someone else, we refer to this as a warm recommendation. This is because it means that it is very likely that this person will also become your customer. We record this by means of the Net Promoter Score. This actually represents your company’s customer loyalty statistically.

This NPS methodology distinguishes between three different groups of respondents. The so-called promoters, who give your product a report mark of 9 or 10. This group represents the real ambassadors of your company. The second group is made up of the ‘passive satisfied’. This group gives a report mark of 7 or 8, but without shouting it from the rooftops. The third and final group is made up of the critics, with a report mark between 0 and 6. To determine the Net Promoter Score, we subtract the percentage of critics from the percentage of promoters.  

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