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NEEDS - What was the need of the customer?

A worldwide supplier of plastic piping systems recently introduced an advertorial campaign in order to promote a new product in 3 countries. Therefore, they needed feedback on this campaign, enabling the marketing & communication department to adjust where necessary.

INSIGHTS - How did we approach the research?

The research USP conducted consisted of in-depth interviews with the specific target groups at hand. During the face-to-face interviews, campaign material was shown, and pre-discussed questions were asked in a structured order. Important aspects tested in this research were the attractiveness, understandability, relevance, and call to action of the advertisements.

Through a PowerPoint report, insights were created on the way the campaign was received in all aspects. This provided direct input to be used by the marketing & communication department in order to fine-tune their efforts.

IMPACT - What has been the result of the research?

Insights from the research supported strategic communication decisions, both through positive verification and by showing the needs for alteration.