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NEEDS - What was the need of the client?

There is increasing discussion about the future of gas. In order to make the right decisions about future adaptations to their boiler product portfolio, our client was looking for direct input from the market.

INSIGHTS - How did we approach the research?

USP conducted focus groups with their key audience (installers). By making use of a live set-up of all relevant boilers, in combination with a pre-discussed set of questions, we made sure that all potentially relevant aspects were covered. The fact that respondents could touch the products contributed to more relevant input. Having the client present at the focus groups gave an extra dimension to the post focus group discussion. Results of the focus groups were reported in PowerPoint and then presented and discussed with the product and marketing departments. The already extensive outcomes were used as input for the quantitative study.

The quantitative research was used to test the outcomes from the focus groups and to be able to gain more representative insights. All combined, this resulted in a full report outlining the opportunities for further development of the client’s boiler product portfolio. By presenting results at board level, even more support was created for the implementation of the results within the organisation.

IMPACT - What has been the result of the research?

Insights from the research contributed to strategic portfolio decisions, both through positive verification and by pointing out the need for alteration.