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NEEDS - What was the need of the client?

A leading innovator in the paint industry was looking to develop innovative paint solutions for professionals and consumers. Therefore, they wanted to generate ideas in order to drive innovation and assess existing innovation ideas.

INSIGHTS - How did we approach the research?

Two focus groups about innovative paint ideas were conducted with painters and consumers in both France and the Netherlands. The focus groups consisted of a brainstorm session and an evaluation session. The first part was used to collect ideas from scratch, with no boundaries and restrictions in the way of thinking. In the second part, already existing ideas were assessed.

Results of the focus groups were reported in PowerPoint and then presented and discussed with the product and marketing departments.

IMPACT - What has been the result of the research?

Insights from the research contributed to strategic R&D decisions, which were based on the assessment of existing ideas for innovation as well as on the new ideas generated in the focus groups.