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Architects in Germany; the top innovative brands (spontanious awareness)

In the most recent report of the European Architectural Barometer (Q1 2017 Love Brands) by USP Marketing Consultancy, we have measured the spontaneous brand awareness of architects for various product categories, but we also measured which brands the architects see as being innovative, sustainable, industry leading and so on. The European Architectural Barometer is based on 1,600 telephone interviews with architects from 8 European countries.

Wienerberger top brand in Germany

When taking a closer look on Germany, one of the leading construction industries in Europe, Wienerberger tops the chart for being the most innovative brand, with 13% of the German architects mentioning them. Knauf Insulation is the second most innovative brand (12%) and Velux is ranked as the number three with 9%. Schüco takes fourth place (5%) and Xella completes the top 5 with 4% of German architects mentioning this brand. The strong position of Wienerberger in the German market is also reflected in their image as a sustainable and leading brand in the market. German architects mentioned Wienerberger more often than any other brand when asked about sustainable and leading brands.

European image

Knauf Insulation and VELUX, the second and third mentioned brands in Germany, have a more pan-European image. Although these brands were less often mentioned than Wienerberger in Germany, they were mentioned in many European countries as innovative brands, while the strength of Wienerberger seems to be limited to the German market. In all countries but Spain, VELUX and Knauf Insulation make the top 5 of most innovative brands.
Sustainable and innovative brands
When looking at Europe’s most sustainable and innovative brands, again Knauf Insulation and VELUX have a strong presence in multiple countries. Knauf Insulation is mentioned in the top 5 of sustainable leaders in seven countries, all but the Netherlands, and in the top 5 of innovative brands in six countries (except UK and the Netherlands). Despite being in the top 5 in almost all countries it’s never the number one brand. VELUX, however tops the chart of innovative brands in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, while it’s also in the top 5 in UK, Germany and France. When it comes to being a sustainable brand VELUX is less often the number one brand, but it is in the top 5 in all countries but Spain and the UK.