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Industry leaders according to brand awareness study among 1.600 architects (European Architectural Barometer)

Pricing power, brand recognition and a loyal customer base: Industry-leading companies usually have those advantages. It takes time to become an industry leader and maintaining that leadership position is always a challenge. Industry leaders are able to manage costs, while investing in marketing, research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

In the most recent report of the European Architectural Barometer (Q1 Love Brands), we have measured amongst other topics the spontanious brand awareness of manufacturers among architects. The European Architectural Barometer is based on 1.600 interviews with architects from 8 European countries.  Many topics are described in the European Architectural Barometer Q1 report, like sustainable leaders and innovative brands. I would like to zoom in on the leaders in the construction industry among British architects.

European top-5

In all countries but Spain Velux is in the top-5 of industry leaders mentioned by architects. Also brands as Wienerberger, Knauf Insulation, and Saint-Gobain are mentioned in multiple countries. In the UK, Kingspan stands out as a leader in the contruction sector. 40% of the architects mentioned Kingspan spontaniously. Marley building systems (10%), Celotex(10%), Velux(8%) and Saint-gobain(7%) complete the top-5.

Architects mention less brands in the Netherlands and Poland

Furthermore it is remarkable that Dutch and Polish architects in general could mention less brands spontaniously when they were asked to mention a leader in the construction sector. In the Netherlands approximately 70% could not mention a leader in the construction sector; in Poland half of the architects could not mention a leader in the construction sector.