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Positive vibe for the German architects

German architects seem to have faith in their future again. Their expectations for the coming 12 months developed rather positive compared to the previous quarter. Currently, even 60% of the German architects do not experience any consequences of the crisis at all. To compare, in the UK (12%), France (17%) and the Netherlands (12%) this figure is much lower. These results are shown by the European Architectural Barometer, a quarterly research among architects in Europe. The positive expectations among German architects are mainly based on a successful second quarter. Almost half of them indicate an increase in turnover, in both residential and non-residential projects, compared to the first quarter of this year. Also their turnover expectations for the coming 12 months are promising. Half of the architects expect an increase in turnover in non-residential projects and 38% an increase in residential projects. Only respectively 3% and 5% of the architects expect a decrease in turnover. In line with the positive turnover expectations, also the project expectations are promising. 53% of the German architects expect an increase in non-residential projects for the coming 12 months. 32% expect an increase in residential projects.

These and many other results are shown in the European Architectural Barometer, an international research among 1200 architects in Europe. Four times a year, this study is conducted by Arch-Vision in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. The research covers the developments of architectural turnover and order volumes.  Besides these economic statistics, a topic is highlighted each quarter. This because architects are not only a good indicator for future building volumes, they are also very influential in how projects are build and which materials are used.