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Professional social media usage; dutch electrical installers clearly ahead

Nowadays, social media is very common in our personal life. Approximately 2 billion people use Facebook every month, for Twitter this is 319 million and for LinkedIn this is 467 million. Obviously, less information can be found on professional usage of social media. This becomes even more so, when we zoom in on a specific target group like the electrical installers.

In the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 report, we have investigated the media orientation and consumption of electrical installers. We have asked electrical installers about topics like professional usage of social media, personal media, new media, traditional media, information search in general and so on. We have interviewed in total 1.200 electrical installers in seven European countries for this report.

I would like to share some insights on the professional social media usage of electrical installers. The full report covers all types of media usage (traditional media, personal media, new media and social media) and covers all 7 countries. In this article, I will make a comparison between The Netherlands and France.

The Dutch electrical installer uses social media professionally the most. 69% of the Dutch electrical installers uses social media professionally. Dutch electrical installers use social media for networking (17%), read the latest news and the opinion of colleagues (8%), and to stay informed about innovations(5%).

The French electrical installer uses social media professionally the least. 14% of French electrical installers use social media professionally. French electrical installers do not use social media a lot, but when they do, they are looking for product range information (41%), innovations (20%) and networking (15%).

In the other countries the most used types of social media differ between the countries, but the overall top four consists of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and WhatsApp.

In countries where the social media usage amongst electrical installers is more embedded, usage seems to be more focused on networking and innovations. In countries where this is less embedded, electrical installers look more often for product information. This could be very interesting for developing the right media strategy.

The full report covers many more media outlets and results per country. For example, we have information about usage of information sources,  traditional media, personal media, new media, social media, radio channels and smartphones and apps.