Why focus groups?

Focus groups enable respondents to think out of the box, produce new ideas, and respond to the ideas of others. This gives a great dynamic which leads to deeper insights on what is relevant for them.

To avoid the influence of other respondents, we could ask respondents some questions regarding their current usage and experiences via an online survey in advance of the focus group.

Who moderates the focus groups?

Trained moderators from selected USP partners in each country. All the partners have extensive experience with focus groups in a B2B environment regarding several construction-related topics.

Stepwise approach

1.Choose target groups and countries of your interest

2.Discuss research topics with USP

3.Check the script delivered by USP

4.Recruitment of respondents and payment of incentive (by USP)

5.Choose your options:

  • Watch live on location or from another location via live stream
  • Choose to show real products, videos, or brochures
  • Have simultaneous translation into your language
  • Receive full transcripts or a comprehensive report on key insight