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Manufacturers in the construction, installation and DIY industries are constantly contemplating whether their product and service portfolios are still competitive within the market. This is necessary in order to keep up with continuous developments in the market, like digitalisation, sustainability, circularity and the changing labour market. In order to stay on target or become successful, this leads to 3 types of development trajectories for which solid research is essential.

1. New products & services

In this fast-changing and innovative world, there is a continuous need and also room, for new introductions. However, these introductions are often unsuccessful. This also applies to the installation, construction, and DIY sectors.

2. Additions to already existing products & services

Current portfolios often prove themselves to be successful. Changing circumstances (internally or externally) leading to changing demand make it necessary to add to the existing portfolio though.

3. Modifications to already existing products & services

Our changing world creates situations where products & services become outdated and are in need of modification. Adaptations are needed in order to keep customers satisfied.